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A helmeted motorcycle rider on a powerful red-and-black racing bike weaved skillfully between cars on the congested Harbor Freeway, alert for any sign that a driver might change lanes and wipe him out. “Motorcycle riding is dangerous,” Jack Worrall agreed on a recent sunny day, before starting the 28-mile commute home from his university job. “It scares me constantly, but I’m willing to trade that (fear) for the feel of riding.”

This is a fantastic time to be riding motorcycles. So many models! So many choices! So many manufacturers trying so hard to build the perfect bike. In 2013 I had the opportunity to ride about 40 different machines. There were street racers, road hogs, sophisticated cruisers, stripped-down “naked” bikes, dirt bikes, dual sport bikes and even electric bikes. I liked almost all of them. And I really loved quite a few. PHOTOS: Best bikes from 2013 The year to come looks even more exciting.