Our Trainers

Our Software testing trainers have more than 20+ years of experience in software development, software testing and software training.

Our Software testing trainers are specialists in Quality Assurance, HP UFT (QTP) & Advanced HP UFT(QTP), SQL for beginners, BA (Business Analysis), HP ALM Quality Center, Jira, Selenium and HP UFT (QTP) live Projects, BA, Selenium and MS Project training. Thorough, patient and willing to go the extra mile! Way better than any classroom teaching by top rated training institutes.

Trainer Certifications

  • PMP – Project Management Professional from PMI, USA
  • ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) certification
  • QTP Certified Product Consultant (CPC) from Mercury
  • Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) from Quality Assurance Institute (QAI), Orlando, Florida
  • Project Management & Communications Course from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.
  • Software Quality Management Course from Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt train

QA Training / Software Testing Demo

Upcoming Batches

  • Daily 10AM Session

1 on 1 immediate trainings as per your preferred time slots

  • 1st Feb 2019 9:00:pm

    QA Manual Testing Training

  • 1st Feb 2019 9:00:pm

    Business Analyst Training

  • 5th Feb 2019 9:00:pm

    Basic and Advanced UFT / QTP Training

  • 9th Feb 2019 9:00:am

    SQL for beginners Training

  • 9th Feb 2019 9:00:am

    SOAP UI Training

  • 9th Feb 2019 9:00:am

    Appium Mobile Automation

  • 9th Feb 2019 11:00:am

    Selenium Training


📚 Class Orientation
📚Intro to Software Testing
📚Software testing roles

📚 Functional Testing

📚 Blackbox, Whitebox, Greybox Testing

📚 Static Testing Reviews

📚 Blackbox testing techniques

⊡ Boundary Value Analysis

⊡ Equivalence Class Partitioning

⊡ Error Guessing

⊡ Positive Testing

⊡ Negative Testing


📚 Test effort Estimation

📚 Test Data

📚 Error Guessing and Exploratory testing

📚 Regression Testing

📚 A Brief Intro to Testing Tools

📚 Intro to Software lifecycles

⊡ SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

⊡ STLC (Software Test Life Cycle)

⊡ Defect Life Cycle (Bug Life Cycle)

📚 Types Of Applications/Products

⊡ Product vs Service Applications

📚 SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)-V-Model of Testing

⊡ Waterfall Model

⊡ Progressive Development life cycle

⊡ Iterative Model

⊡ Agille Methodology

⊡ RUP- Rational Unified Process

📚 Artefacts Produce During The SDLC

⊡ Bussiness Recquirement Document/Specification

⊡ Functional Requirement Document/Specification

📚 Functional vs  User Acceptance Testing

📚 Project Stakeholders


📚 Software Architecture

📚 Types of Software

📚 Client server, Stand-Alone/Desktop, Internet/Web

📚 Test Artefacts/Documents

⊡ System Test Plan

⊡ User Acceptance Test Plan

⊡ Integration Test Plan

⊡ Unit Test Plan

⊡ Regression Test Plan

⊡ Automation Test Plan

📚 Software Design Document Content

📚 Introduction to SQL Queries & Database tables

📚 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

📚 Builds and Version Numbers


📚 Health Check/ Sanity Testing / SmokingTesting

📚 Critical test Cases

📚 Testing Literations or Cycle

📚 Integration Testing before System Testing and test Matrics

📚 System testing, System integration testing, End to End Testing

📚 Walkthroughs, Reviews


📚 Tools inThe Market

📚 History Of QC

📚  QTP Versions and History

📚 Selenium

📚 VirtualMachines

📚 QC Hierarchy

📚 QC Tutorial

📚 Access ALM QC


📚 Peer Reviews

📚 Sampal Peer Review by Candidate

📚 Version control

📚How to write a test case in QC

📚How to execute a test case and record the test results in QC

📚Test suit

📚Test Log

📚Logging valid defects

📚Service Level Agreement or SLA

📚Defect Life Cycle

📚Software Test Life Cycle (STLC)

📚Error vs Fault vs Defect

📚Root cause analysis


📚Defects : Severity vs Priority

📚Test Data

📚Microsoft Project Plan

📚Defects tracking template in MS Excel

📚Handheld instruments (Mobile testing) testing

📚OS compatibility testing / Browser Compatibility testing / Mobile compatibility testing

📚Tools for mobile testing

📚Web page response (Performance)

📚Windows basics

📚Test Case, Test Steps,Test Data

📚Test Script

📚Requirements Traceability Matrix(RTM)


📚Traceability matrix generation in QC

📚Law of vital few : 80 – 20 rule

📚Metrics (Reports generation)

📚Test life cycle re-cap

📚How to generate Reports in QC through wizards, database queries

📚Test Plan in detail

📚Industry Standards: IEEE, ANSI

📚Test Plan content(IEEE829)

📚When to stop testing


📚Test environment (Test bed) in detail


📚Risk Mitigation


📚Estimating the testing cost to company


📚Test Deliverables

       ⊡Test plan, Test cases, Test Execution results, Metrics and QA Sign off

📚GO / NO GO decision meetings

📚Defect Triage

📚Approvers / Stake holders

📚Test tools: QC, QTP, LR

📚Test Cases in detail

📚Testing effort estimation techniques

📚Work BreakDown Structure

📚Effort Estimation

📚Testing Team – Organization Structure

📚QA vs QC

📚Standard Operating Process / Procedure

📚ISO, CMM, Six Sigma

📚Software Tester jobs

📚Validation & Verfication

📚Independent Validation and Verification team(IVV)

📚Decision table testing technique

📚Localization / Internationalization testing

📚Mobile Testing in detail

📚Mobile Application

📚Mobile Testing challenges

📚Types of Mobile Testing

📚Mobile Testing Tools


      ⊡  RDBMS
      ⊡ RDBMS in the market
      ⊡ Primary Key, Foreign Key, Referential Integrity
      ⊡Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams

📚TOAD & SQL Navigator

📚SQL Joins

📚Left join, right join, inner join, outer join

📚Sample SQL

📚Intro to UNIX

      ⊡Unix flavours
      ⊡Shell Scripting
      ⊡vi commands
      ⊡Basic Unix
📚Customer Support, Test Log

📚Test Cases revisted

📚Challenges in testing

📚Test deliverables

📚QA Signoff document

📚Review of Release Notes, Tutorials, User Guides

📚Performance Testing

📚Load testing

📚Volume Testing

📚Stress Testing

📚Tools in the market

📚Intro to Load Runner

📚Performance Test Case examples

📚Load Runner continued

📚Load Schema


📚Ramp up and Ramp down


📚Components of Load Runner


📚Jira tool usage


📚Intro to Alpha – Beta Testing


📚Agile methodology


📚Burn down charts


📚Lessons learnt – Postmortem of Project


📚Important Interview Questions


📚Preparing for ISTQB certification